As an expert with over thirty years of experience around bikes, Ian is in the perfect position to offer support, advice and guidance on a wide range of MTB related issues.

From race organisation to kit inspection and routine maintenance to Technical Advisory work for formal accreditations, Ian provides the sound advice that often only comes from long-term involvement.

Here is a brief run-down of services available:

Race Assistance

From providing Risk Assessments to advising on Race Village Layout, Course Design, Marshall Positioning, Timetabling and any other issues relating to hosting an event.  Pre-planning and on-the-day support to ensure the smooth running and success of your race.

Fleet Maintenance and Kit Inspection

Ian can either provide the necessary maintenance and paper trail training to staff in your organisation or alternatively perform the routine maintenance himself.  Either way he will guarantee a structured schedule that will keep the fleet running as smoothly as possible, minimising undue wear and providing evidence in case of breakage related incidents.

As a holder of the extremely stringent ROSPA approved Lyon Equipment Kit Inspection Qualification, Ian inspects PPE on behalf of several organisations.  If you provide PPE to clients, particularly helmets, then it’s essential that they have logged inspections undertaken by a suitable expert.  Ian will set up a watertight routine inspection schedule that will cover you in the event of any incidents.

Technical Advisory

If you offer biking activities of any sort, then Ian is suitably qualified to act as a Technical Advisor to meet the demands of insurers or accreditations such as the Adventuremark.  He’ll provide a thorough analysis of all Risk Assessments, Session Plans, Staff Qualifications, Site Specific Activity, Maintenance Logs and Kit Inspections, Kit Storage, Hire Procedures and any other issues you’d like addressed.  Following this you’ll receive reports and recommendations that will guarantee your organisation reaches the required standards.

Journalism and Writing

Ian is a regular contributor to several leading mountain bike publications including Singletrack Magazine, Cranked Magazine and GritCX as well as running the extremely popular Rock and Ride blog that was recently voted one of the top 100 cycling blogs on the internet.  If you’re seeking any kind of writing services such as press releases, adverts, reviews or articles then contact Ian to discuss your specific needs.

Expert Witness

As Ireland’s leading expert on bike leadership, both road and off-road, Ian is well positioned to provide expert witness reports for any legal purposes.  His wealth of cycling experience and in-depth knowledge of the law pertaining to cyclists allows provision of non-biased and non-judgmental advice and reporting which he takes to the courtroom in a suitably prepared and professional manner.

What Does It Cost?

Consultation and Technical Advisory work is undertaken on a bespoke basis but basic day rate is between £250-£500 plus expenses depending on the service.

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