‘What was I so worried about?  I could do the basics but always left my bike into the shop for anything else because I was scared to make it worse.  I reckon I’d have a go at nearly anything now’.
– Adrian

Despite the constantly advancing technology in mountain bikes they’re still essentially simple nuts and bolts and bike mechanics isn’t the mystery that many consider it to be.

We know that bike maintenance can seem daunting and a fear of making things worse often drives people towards the bike shop.  The fact is that most maintenance jobs can be done simply and quickly without the need for great expense or stress.  Our bespoke bike maintenance courses are designed to teach you all you’ll need to know to keep your pride and joy running as sweetly as the day you bought it.

Ian is a Velotech Platinum qualified mechanic who has been stripping and rebuilding bikes for himself and various shops for over twenty years.  He’ll demonstrate to you in a clear and structured way that with a bit of research and knowledge and the right tools you’ll be able to undertake pretty much any job relating to your bike.

Maintenance courses are provided for organisations or groups on a fixed rate and are ideal for anyone looking to have a better understanding of mechanics.  If you have a fleet of bikes the day will be tailored towards your exact models or if there are different bikes, then each will be considered individually.

There are two options:

Half Day ‘Trail Maintenance Course’

Our half day course covers the most common problems encountered on the trail.  It’ll teach you all you need to know to ensure you never have to walk home from a ride.  Fixes covered include punctures, gears (adjustments, tuning, changing cables and common issues), brakes (changing pads and common fixes), fixing broken chains and loose headsets as well as tons of helpful hints and tips on mechanics and the best tools to carry on your rides.

This course lasts 3 hours and costs £150 plus travel expenses.  It is suitable for up to six people.

Full Day ‘Strip and Rebuild Course’

This course covers all the fixes from the trail maintenance course but then takes it a step further to those bits that can seem like a real mystery!  Replacing cassettes, bottom brackets and headsets, freehub issues, brake bleeding and any other burning issues you’ve been ignoring hoping they fix themselves.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to become totally self-sufficient repairing their own pride and joy.  It’s also ideal for any organisation who have a fleet of bikes and want to learn how to specifically look after their own machines.

This course lasts 6 hours and costs £250 plus travel expenses.  It is suitable for up to four people.

Ian brings the maintenance courses to you and your organisation, providing all tools, workstands and some replacement parts like gear cables and outers.  You’ll need to provide a room with space to work and your bikes.

If you have any new components to be fitted, then bring them along with you.

Please clean your bike thoroughly before attending, it’s much better to work on a clean bike and it’ll end the day like new.

For booking a day or if you have any questions contact ian@rockandrideoutdoors.com

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