Turn Off, Tune In

By | Running

A gentle ‘on your right’ as I aimed to nip past the walker who was occupying the whole trail, poles spread wide… ‘JESUS CHRIST!!!’ A shocked screech as she jumped further into my path, forcing me on to the peaty hummocks, throwing me an aggressive accusational stare… ‘You could’ve f**cking warned me!!’ The apology almost fell from my lips, the curse of the polite, bumped into on the high-street and still issuing my regrets, but something overrode and instead I ignored and ran on, yards away before my brain computed the hard facts.  I’d been approaching for minutes, the epic…

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Skills Acquisition and Nonlinear Coaching

By | Coaching

Warning – This blog forms part of my portfolio for the new Cycling Ireland Level 2 Coaching Qualification.  As such, it may not be the most entertaining article ever!  If you’re interested in coaching though and specifically the process of skills acquisition, grab a cuppa and read on. Skills Acquisition and Nonlinear Pedagogy I’ve been a professional mountain bike skills coach for over a decade, and pride myself on sessions that inspire the most appropriate and rapid improvements from riders.  To achieve this, my approach has altered vastly over the years, prioritising different techniques, and developing and learning new approaches, whilst…

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