Travels With The Tranny – Biking The Tour Of Mont Blanc

By | Biking

F*ck, f***********ck screamed Brian, hurling his bike into the dust, the naked spindle of his SPD staring back up at him where the pedal body should’ve been.  Instinctively I began to run down the steep, rooty trail, sensing that this was a pivotal moment in our attempt with morale and motivation hanging in the balance.  The pedal part was easy to locate and not for the first time I thanked my running fitness as I jogged back up to my beleaguered friend.  The mood lightened fleetingly until we realised that hand tightening was insufficient and we’d no sensible option but…

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All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

By | Running

Personal Bests I broke a PB today.  Actually, re-phrase that, I smashed a PB today, decimated it, tore it a new hole, and not just any PB, it was the test piece route that I return to time and again, and have done for many years now.  Brilliant! My ‘Tollymore Boundary Route’ is an 8.1 mile circumnavigation of the whole of Tollymore Forest, tracking the boundary over two shapely lumps that provide 355m of climbing on stony, gritty and sometimes greasy forest trail.  Over the years times have dropped rapidly, stagnated, dropped again and sometimes risen but been on a…

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