Great Expectations – The 2018 Garmin Mourne Skyline MTR

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It’s 2:42am.  I can’t sleep. The unfamiliar cocktail of caffeine and sugar is still coursing through me, synapses firing and thoughts swirling.  I need to write, to understand, to analyse and for catharsis, the disappointment of yesterday’s race raw and grating.  The chemical contaminants will work themselves through my system soon but the mental anguish will undoubtedly linger, festering on my psyche, why did it go so wrong? Overriding emotions from a whirlwind of a day.  Disgust, loneliness, emptiness, dredging the depths of physical and mental reserves.  To do so for victory, be it through winning or personal achievement feels…

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Return of the ‘Real Boys’

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Breaking the Law… The heavy metallic door clanged slowly open, in stark contrast to the frantic barking from within.  Tony froze, already committed to the far side of rusted razor wire that littered the floor, whilst the rest of us quickly weighed up options and decided to talk our way out of this trouble.  A tubby soldier in sweaty fatigues exited the building, already waving a single hand in the classic dismissive Italian gesture.  Playing dumb is an art and fortunately few play dumber than our crew; spluttered words of broken Italian, vacant expressions and a rapid exit past several…

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