The Hunger Games – A Solo, Unsupported, Non-Stop Tour of Mont Blanc

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Blacking Out A momentary loss of consciousness.  Like a micro-sleep but without possible resistance.  One minute hugging the right side of the twisting Alpine road and a split second later traversing the centre line; long-honed instincts righting the listing bike before smashing into the asphalt.  Pull to a stop, head sagging, vision desperately seeking focus.  Endgame.  Make or break time.  The devastating realisation that failure could be grabbed from a success so tangible at this final juncture. Caffeine.  The drug of choice; a substance so potent it’d certainly be banned if not so prevalent.  The only possible salvation, and yet…

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Feeding The Dog

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Fascinating Food Diet fascinates me; the ways in which our relationship with food has such a profound impact on physical capabilities or lack thereof is truly incredible.  On a basic level, diet significantly dictates how two people born at exactly the same weight and size can subsequently grow to be totally different in shape.  Obviously genetics and exercise also have a huge part to play but if we took identical twins, made them partake in exactly the same exercise regime but fed one twice as much as the other then the results wouldn’t be hard to predict. As an endurance…

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